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I had my procedure last Nov. 23, after just a few minutes of consultation with Doc. Al I finally decided (after consulting 3 different doctors) to proceed with him. This is because he is Board certified, experienced & knowledgeable (see his credentials! research is very very important)
During our consultation –he candidly discussed the goals, we agreed on realistic expectations, and plan the course of the surgical journey together (like I found a new brother??!) Doc Al custom-tailors the operation to best meet the needs of each of his patient and he answered all my questions and apprehensions. His calm demeanor, his humility and being approachable and available are the traits that I like about doc Al. Despite time limitations, I never felt rushed.Part of the package provided was the comprehensive health and fitness assessments that made sure that I will be out of harm's way. In addition, the procedure was done in Centuria Medical Plaza in the The surgery section, one of the newest modern and cutting-edge facility available in Makati. The procedures was done by highly-skilled, board certified surgeon that work in tandem with an experienced anesthesiologist (Shoutout to Dr. Willie, he was so funny and entertaining, they kept me calm before the procedure) ensured the best possible results for me in a safe, comfortable environment.
The procedure started at 10am, I woke up at the recovery room by 2:30pm with a very attentive nurse who monitors me closely, she never left my side until 6pm. Dr. Willie came back and check on me, if Im stable before he discharged me in the recovery room. Dr. Al was empathetic to my needs, that when I requested for additional hours in the recovery before going home,(number coding) he booked the Executive guest suite and let me stay there until 9pm.
Before leaving, I was given specific postoperative instructions for my recovery and a follow-up appointment 3 days after. I also received medications that includes pain pills and an antibiotic to prevent infection.
I tried to sit, stand, and walk around by the evening of my surgery, no activity for 2 days, sleeping in an inclined position until now, after a week I was able to return to everyday activities with no heavy lifting. Pain is 5/10 in rating scale
During the Post operative care check up I was so keyed up to see the result, and it was better than what I have expected! Dr. Al really made my dream come true!!!!! Patient satisfaction guaranteed!
Dr. Al’s team has a sense of integrity, sincerity, professionalism and ethics
They always say that in plastic surgery” you usually get what you pay for”

alexa lecaaros

2 weeks ago

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