I had my nose redone through the help of Doc Jaafar. My nose is already damaged because of my past nose lift done by a non-licensed Surgeon in our province, that is out of my knowledge. The silicone implanted on my nose was broken after a few months of the surgery and because of that, the silicone was removed, and after it was remove, my nose shrink and it left me a very big scar on the bridge part. I was so down and so unwell after that. I am afraid to look at myself in the mirror because I feel so ugly. I hated going to the malls or even outside the house for a grocery. I always wear mask when I have to mandatorily meet someone. It was such a nightmare. I tried consulting Dr. Jaafar, and he suggested the best way to overcome my problem. So what he did was, he put a nose bridge but not thru silicone already but thru cartilage, and he fixed my nose scar. I am very thankful that in the process, I haven’t feel much pain. Now, my nose is a lot better than before. Visit their clinic also at Neu Advanced Aesthetics located at Centuria Medivcal Makati.

Cyndy Lin

 Date: October 7, 2017

Overall Rating: stars rating

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