breast augmentationBreast Fat Transplant

Recent advancement in aesthetic surgery had led to development of new methods in augmenting the breast. Breast enhancement using the FAT from the patient is now becoming the latest and safer trend. 

Fats are harvested from a donor site of the patient undergoing breast augmentation using "Syringe Liposuction". Usual areas are the tummy and flanks (although other areas can be harvested). The harvested fats are processed to remove impurities then injected using a small incision along the breast crease or underarms. Up to 150cc volume of fats can be transferred safely. 

Fat transfer for breast enlargement has the advantage of being "rejection free" since it comes from the patient (autologous). The only drawback is the possibility of shrinkage through time. It can be repeated though to attain more volume and better result.     






Breast Augmentation with FAT transfer


Way back in the late 1980`s, fat grafting or fat transfer for breast augmentation was not acceptable.

Initial outcomes showed it can cause irregular but benign mammogram results. This was mainly because breast imaging technology that time was still not advanced.

In the early days of this procedure, the survival rate of fat cells was also low following fat transfer making after-surgery results very unpredictable.

At present, breast mammogram technology has progressed and improved. The problem of difficult imaging has become less of a concern. Newer harvesting methods also resulted to better survival of transplanted fat cells.

Fat transfer for breast enlargement today is a good option for select patients who do not wish to have breast implants. It can be performed on an out-patient basis because it is lesser invasive procedure compared to breast implant augmentation.

Breast fat transfer is done by doing liposuction on an area where there are unwanted bulges or fat deposits. Usual site is tummy, flanks, or buttocks. After harvest, the fat cells undergo simple purification and are directly injected into breast via tiny incisions along the lower breast creases.

Recovery for this surgery is fast, although patients undergoing this procedure have 2 areas in the body that are healing. The breast and the area where fat cells were harvested. However there is a bonus of having contoured harvest site plus of course the enhanced breasts.