Dr. Al Farabi L. Jaafar, MD FPSCS FPSGS FPCS

Dr. Al Farabi Jaafar, is currently the Section Head of Cosmetic Surgery in Centuria Medical Makati (the newest and biggest IT-medical and medical-tourism facility in the Philippines) where NEU Advanced Aesthetics Center is located. Very active in the advocacy of cosmetic surgery in the country, Dr. Jaafar is an officer of two prestigious cosmetic surgery societies in the Philippines. He is also working on preserving and expanding the network of reknowmed cosmetic surgeons worldwide as earlier initiated by senior surgeons of the Philippine Society for Cosmetic Surgery.


Sudea Grace G. Jaafar, MD FPOGS FPSUOG ESAG

Dr. Grace Jaafar, is a graduate of the University of Santo Tomas (1994) in Manila, Philippines. She is among few bona fide female cosmetic aesthetic gynecologist in the Philippines trained to do female genital aesthetic cosmetic procedures.Not all doctors who perform cosmetic gynecology surgeries are adequately credentialed. Dr. Grace Jaafar, is  a board certified Obstetrician-Gynecologist, an essential specialty qualification that provides a strong background foundation for a good and safe cosmetic gynecologist. She has been doing many Vaginoplasties on obstetrical patients the past 14 years. This vast experience provided her the motivation to formally train with world renowned European (Greek) Cosmetic Aesthetic Gynecologist Dr. Alexandros Bader.

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